About Ms. Huguette’s Dance Studio

Ms. Huguette’s Dance Studio has had the joy of teaching children the art of dance for over 20 years!

With Studio Director Christine Thomas as head of the studio, Ms. Huguette’s Dance Studio is one of the most renowned Dance Studio’s in the country! Christine received her Master’s Degree from New York University in Dance and Dance Education.

We guarantee and assure our clients that our staff is comprised of the most qualified, educated and experienced performance educators in the field.

The faculty of Ms. Huguette’s feels that one of the most important aspects of dance training is to instill a sense confidence and self-esteem in our students. We formulate a feeling of accomplishment and an improved self-image. Dance training not only improves coordination and physical strength; it also strengthens discipline which helps them focus and flourish in all other areas of their lives.

The staff at Ms. Huguette’s loves to share and instill their passion of not just dance but of life as well, during the process of educating our next generation in the arts.

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